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The I.D. is a bibliographical tool for history education.
The I.D. is a collaborative tool—everyone is welcome to add new releases and tags.
The I.D. is always up to date—if everyone adds at least her/his own recent publications.
The I.D. is international—additions in all languages are appreciated.
The I.D. is quality-oriented. There is an editorial data maintenance.

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Seeing the “Big Picture” in Canadian History

Journal Article
Seeing the “Big Picture” in Canadian History
Stéphane Lévesque
The sesquicentennial celebrations of Canadian Confederation in 2017 provide a unique opportunity to reflect on the history of the country, to look at where Canadians have been and where they are headed.[1] All things considered, do Canadians think that things have improved over the last 150 years? There is no consensus amongst the population. Part of the challenge rests on how we, as historical beings, evaluate progress – that is to say, our judgement on the direction of change. As with the notion of civilization recently discussed by Peter Seixas, the concept of “progress” is a contested one.[2]
Public History Weekly

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