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Historical consciousness and the moral dimension

Journal Article
Historical consciousness and the moral dimension
Andreas Körber
Historical orientation is not only about discerning what happened in the past and what can reasonably be expected for and done in the future, but also about sharpening both our perception of the rules and logics and our standards for judging them. Historical thinking as the operation shaping such orientation, therefore, has to integrate reflections in the ethical and the temporal dimension and on their interrelation. On the basis of a classroom discussion and empirical data of students rating different statements relating students’ personal identities with their assessments of the Frankish Crusaders raiding Jerusalem in 1099, and using the “FUER- model” of historical competencies, a distinction of two students’ reflection as marking two different niveaus of historical competence is suggested.
Historical Encounters. A journal of historical consciousness, historical cultures, and history education

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